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Shrink wrap training for industrial applications. Save money on your containment projects.
US Shrink Wrap Inc.
Shrink Wrap Training
No Job To Big
US Shrink Wrap has the experience and the knowledge to tackle all your containment needs.

Keep The Trades Working
We can winterize your construction site and help keep you on schedule.

Dust Control

US Shrink Wrap's process creates a drum tight,
seamless containment.
This process creates a true Class 1 containment.

Anywhere in The USA

We have trained crews ready to be there when you need us.
US Shrink Wrap's Shrink Wrap Training Services.
US Shrink Wrap, Inc. will send a shrink wrap specialist to your site, to train and work with your crews.

US Shrink Wrap, Inc. will coordinate the delivery of materials and tools.

US Shrink Wrap, Inc. will design and help install the containment.

This saves you time and money and leaves your company with trained employees for further projects.

Help your company be more competitive by expanding your company's services.

US Shrink Wrap Sheeting is typically used in the following situations:
Protection for Special Coatings
Blasting and Painting
Weather Protection.
Fabrication Tents
Temporary Site Shelters
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When Federal Express wanted to learn how to shrink wrap cargo they called US Shrink Wrap.
Shrink wrap training service provided by US Shrink Wrap
When a well known Casino didn't want to gamble on their shrink wrap containment they call US Shrink Wrap.