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Boat Shrink Wrap

Boat shrink wrap and marine shrink wrap supplies. 7 mil boat shrink wrap for winterizing your boat

Boat Shrink Wrap Film

US Shrink Wrap's 7 mil boat shrink wrap film is widely used for package, storage and transport of boats and smaller equipment. White with UVI for Ultra-Violet Resistance.

To choose the correct width size roll of material, you will need to measure down about 8" or more from the top of one side to get your starting point, then measure up and over the width of the boat including everything that will be shrink wrapped and down the other side about 8" or more. You can also shrink wrap your boat all the way down to the hull. After figuring out your measurement, you can match it to the closest width size roll of material.

*Note: our shrink wrap film materials can be welded (heat seamed) to itself to make larger widths if needed.
boat shrink wrap
Product Description Part # Cost*

12' x 149' Roll
MIL:  7
Roll Weight: 89 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 2400


$ 157.00*

14' x 128' Roll
MIL:  7
Roll Weight: 68 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 1792


$ 157.00*

14' x 213' Roll
Mil: 7
Roll Weight: 108 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 2982


$ 216.00*

16' x 200 Roll
MIL:  7
Roll Weight: 116 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 3200


$ 281.00*

18' x 200' Roll
Mil: 7
Roll Weight: 134 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 3600


$ 316.00*

20' x 89 Roll
Mil: 7
Roll Weight: 70 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 1780


$ 156.00*

32' x 100' Roll
Mil: 7
Roll Weight: 117 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 3200


$ 281.00*

40' x 149' Roll
Mil: 7
Roll Weight: 205 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 5960


$ 526.00*
Shrink wrap is a petroleum product and as such the prices fluctuate. Please call for current pricing.
US Shrink Wrap ships from 3 locations in the USA to better serve your needs.

Pennsylvania / New Jersey
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Boat shrink wrap

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Boat shrink wrap film
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